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I tend to mention my vagina a lot in my tags
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we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be 

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How Beauty Procedures Looked In The 1930s-40s [x]

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a baguette in the butt would be a pain in the ass

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SDCC14- Supernatural Panel
If your characters had dating profiles what would they say?

Video credits [x] [x]

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Little fatty loves to eat


Squee! Lookit that fat belly :)

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for all the new followers (and the old ones who forgot) this is a reminder that I do a Sexy Thursday/Friday thing where I post slightly NSFW pictures and gifs of sexy stuff, gays and lesbians and butts. Blacklist #sexy friday and #nsfw to avoid having it on your dash! :)

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headcanon that night vale has its own version of “breaking bad,” only instead of being about a chemistry teacher who cooks meth it’s about a sheriff’s secret police officer who bakes illegal wheat and wheat by-products. it’s called “baking bad.”

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